Teacher Education for Community Interpreting and Intercultural Mediation: Selected Chapters


Nike K. Pokorn (ed)
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia
Maurizio Viezzi (ed)
University of Trieste, Italy
Tatjana Radanović Felberg (ed)
Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

Ključne besede:

community interpreter, intercultural mediator, public service interpreter, healthcare mediator, community interpreter trainer, learning activities, professional conduct

Kratka vsebina

The aim of the book is to assist educational institutions to implement and conduct education courses for prospective teachers of community interpreters or intercultural mediators, in particular for the languages that are not traditionally represented in the educational institution. For this purpose, each chapter gives a theoretical introduction to the topic with the definitions of the main concepts and terms used in it, provides a list of selected works for further reading and also proposes some topic-related discussion points or instructions for the work in pairs.

This book was published by Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts and National institute of Public Health of Slovenia.


  • Why This Book and How to Use It
    Nike K. Pokorn
  • The Profiles of a Community Interpreter and of an Intercultural Mediator in Greece, Italy, Norway and Slovenia
    Nike K. Pokorn, Simos Grammenidis, Anthi Wiedenmayer, Maurizio Viezzi, Caterina Falbo, Antonio Chiarenza, Anna Ciannameo, Tatjana Radanović Felberg, Hanne Skaaden, Uršula Lipovec Čebron, Juš Škraban, Nataša Hirci
  • The Community Interpreter and/or Intercultural Mediator Teacher Profile
    Nike K. Pokorn, Tamara Mikolič Južnič
  • Tandem Teaching in the Education of Public Service Interpreters
    Hanne Skaaden, Tatjana Radanović Felberg
  • A Blended Approach to Interpreter Education
    Online and Onsite Learning Activities in Concert
    Tatjana Radanović Felberg, Hanne Skaaden
  • Rules of Professional Conduct
    Maurizio Viezzi
  • Project-Based Learning through Simulation
    How to Run a Training Session Using Role Plays as Learning Tools
    Caterina Falbo
  • Authentic Mediated Interactions for Training Healthcare Mediators
    Claudio Baraldi, Laura Gavioli
  • Practice-Based Training for Intercultural Mediators in the Healthcare Services
    Antonio Chiarenza
  • Final Assessment and Testing for Community Interpreter Trainers
    A Theoretical Approach
    Antonios Ventouris, Elpida Loupaki
  • Testing Techniques and Quality Control Practices for the Examination of Community Interpreter Trainers
    Anthi Wiedenmayer, Simos Grammenidis


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December 30, 2020