Migrations in Visual Art


Jelena Erdeljan (ed)
Univerza v Beogradu, Filozofska fakulteta, Oddelek za umetnostno zgodovino
Martin Germ (ed)
Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta
Ivana Prijatelj Pavičić (ed)
Univerza v Splitu
Marina Vicelja Matijašić (ed)
Univerza na Reki

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visual art, migrations

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Migrations in Visual Art is an edited collection of essays from different fields of humanities and social sciences that addresses the issue of the power and meaning of images and the visual in general in the context of migrations of people, ideas, knowledge, artifacts, art works and symbols through the prism of postcolonial and cultural translation theories, from antiquity to the present. The complex question of migrations in visual art involves far more than just art, all the more so because many fields in the humanities and social sciences have in recent times taken the “pictorial turn”. Moreover, and especially at this point in history, any discussion of the power of images and their role in migrations in visual culture is unavoidably also positioned in the context of current changes in global relations as well as in the growing impact of social media. This issue also opens the question of the de-territorialization of images and how, as Walter Benjamin had already indicated, technical reproduction has moved the artwork from its original context. The topics opened for interdisciplinary discussions at the conference and printed in this volume include the following: West Balkans - Migration and Cultural transfer, Migration as Cross-cultural Communication, Migration of Ideas and Concepts, Migration of Works of Art, and Migration of Symbols.


  • Introduction
    Jelena Erdeljan
  • Imaging the Feminine during the Migration Period on the Territory of the Central Balkans: Transferring Ideas and Ideals
    Jelena Anđelković Grašar
  • Macabre Goes East: A Peculiar Verse among Funerary Inscriptions of the Orthodox Christians in the Late Medieval Balkans
    Jakov Đorđević
  • From Italy do Poland – Case Study of Santi Gucci Fiorentino
    Olga M. Hajduk
  • Japanese Art in the Contact Zone: Between Orientalism and ‘Japansplaining’
    Martin de la Iglesia
  • The Zodiac in Early Medieval Art: Migration of a Classical Motif Through Time and Space
    Ivana Lemcool
  • Devotion in Migration: The Employment of Religious Poetry in Thirteenth-Century Zadar and Split
    Matko Matija Marušić
  • Migrations of the ‘Exotic’ in Early Advertising Pictures: Travelling between High and Low, Here and There, Idea and Thing
    Miriam Oesterreich
  • Migration and Usage of the Designers’ Concept Balkan Typeface System
    Dijana Protić
  • Migration of Objects, Ideas, and Meanings: The Case of the Mithras Cult
    Nirvana Silnović
  • Sirmium – Thessaloniki – Iustiniana Prima:
    The Migrations of Late Antique Cults and Architectural Concepts
    Olga Špehar
  • The Menorah as a Symbol of Jewish Identity in the Diaspora and an Expression of Aspiration for Renewing the Jerusalem Temple
    Branka Gugolj, Danijela Tešić-Radovanović
  • Transition Style in Scandinavian Art, late 11th – first half of 12th Century
    Nadezhda N. Tochilova
  • “Guarda che quel Christo, come è magro”:
    Migrations of the Holy in the Venetian Bay of Kotor
    Milena Ulčar
  • The Miracle of Latomos: From the Apse of the Hosios David to the Icon from Poganovo. The Migration of the Idea of Salvation
    Ljubica Vinulović
  • Aniconism on Early Christian Floor Mosaics in the Mediterranean
    Branka Vranešević
  • Summaries


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4 October 2018

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