Socratic lectures: 8th International Minisymposium, Part I, Ljubljana, January 21, 2023


Veronika Kralj-Iglič (ed)
Univerza v Ljubljani, Zdravstvena fakulteta
Anna Romolo (ed)
Univerza v Ljubljani, Zdravstvena fakulteta

Ključne besede:

znanost, znanstveno raziskovanje, fizika, nanostrukture, protetika, zborniki, elektronske knjige

Kratka vsebina

The International Symposium 8th Socratic lectures marked 15th anniversary of the meetings that started in 2008 with a single lecture by prof. Bernd Engelmann from Munich on blood microparticles (now called extracellular vesicles or extracellular particle s or small cellular particles). The lecture took place at the lecturing room of the Department of Orthpopaedic Surgery, University Medical Centre Ljubljana. At that time we could not imagine that 15 years later the event would evolve into an online meeting covering 7 sections (Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Musculo - Skeletal Health, Prosthetics, Physics, Nanostructurome and Crossroads of Science, Medicine, Art and Education) with about 100 lecture contributions and about 130 attendants of the symposium from 14 countries. This year, symposium included 56 undergraduate students from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Medicine, 10 students from Doctoral School of University of Ljubljana and 18 members of organizing committee.


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April 26, 2023