Works of Art on Parchment and Paper: Interdisciplinary Approaches


Nataša Golob (ed)
Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta
Jedert Vodopivec Tomažič (ed)
Center za restavriranje in konserviranje arhivskega gradiva

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umetniška dela, pergament, papir, arhivi

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When preparing the international symposium “Works of Art on Parchment and Paper” in the spring of 2018, our plans coincided with those of the European Year of Cultural Heritage: we set out to present the research work and the never-forgotten concern for artworks created on parchment and paper – two of the historically most important and most frequently used media. Our invitation to participate in the symposium was accepted by many scientists, experts in this field of work, from various countries extending from the Baltics to Central America. In 2019, the year of the symposium and the presentation of this publication, the University of Ljubljana is celebrating its centenary, which for us marks an extraordinary jubilee; in this period, we formed the Slovenian scientific language, sharpened our views, and contributed to joint scientific progress.


  • Welcome speech
    Roman Kuhar
  • Foreword
    Bojan Cvelfar
  • Works of art on parchment and paper on our mind
    Nataša Golob, Jedert Vodopivec Tomažič
  • The dilemma of the fine administrator: the original or facsimile
    Martin Halata
  • Old conservation materials and methods on parchment documents
    Patricia Engel, Matthew Collins, Sarah Fiddyment, Carla Soto, Matthew Teasdale, Jiři Vnoucek
  • Artworks on parchment and paper material of parish archives in the dravograd-meža valley deaneries
    Vinko Skitek
  • Patterns of decoration: quire signatures and initials in 12th century cistercian legendary (alc. 418-422) from alcobaça
    Barbara Navala
  • Apocalypse drawing as a possible source for a fresco decoration in hartberg chapel
    Ana Krevelj
  • Drawings on parchment and paper of medieval italian notaries (12th–15th centuries)
    Marta Luigina Mangini
  • The so-called Ohmućević genealogy (Kraljeva Sutjeska genealogy) in the light of the results of recent iconographic, historical, heraldry, and restoration research papers
    Ivana Prijatelj Pavičić
  • The reverse face of the painted page
    Nataša Golob
  • Pastiche aesthetic. A forger’s or a restorer’s practice?
    Joris Corin Heyder
  • Some observations on use of book illustrations for popular south-german prayer books as models in central european art
    Gašper Cerkovnik
  • Venetian early modern single-leaf prints after contemporary sculpture: questions of form and function
    Matej Klemenčič
  • Berthold’s gum bichromates in/as artistic practice
    Tina Buh, Andrej Smrekar
  • Niko Kralj’s presentation panels depicting his designs for the stol factory, early 1950s
    Špela Šubic
  • From east to west: study, conservation and exhibition of the tabula chorographica armenica (17th century)
    Melania Zanetti
  • Herberstein’s gratae posteritati (1560) in Ptuj and Brno: comparison of the colouring materials used on woodcuts
    Jedert Vodopivec Tomažič, Žiga Šmit, Radek Prokeš, Michal Ďurovič
  • The leiden charter project: developing a systematic approach for the conservation of thousands of charters
    Edith Greuter
  • Restoration of gouache paintings on paper
    Ivana Fujdiaková, Dominika Medová, Veronika Klimszová, Klára Schmidtová, Michaela Vodrážková, Josef Čoban, Luboš Machačko
  • The value of conservation and digitization of architectural and design drawings for historical research
    Edith Greuter
  • Problems of the conservation of artworks on large-format paper supports
    Luboš Machačko
  • A multidisciplinary approach to conservation: a case study of Ignatius of Loyola’s autograph diario spirituale
    Melania Zanetti, Alfonso Zoleo, Cecilia Rossi, Alessia Mancuso, Renzo Bertoncello
  • Analysis of works on tracing paper from a collection of drawings by lithuanian artists
    Birutė Giedraitienė, Medeina Steponavičiūtė
  • Technical drawings: conservation treatments
    Tatjana Rahovsky Šuligoj
  • From author’s draft to select library holding: the metamorphosis of Franz Kafka’s manuscripts
    Fiona McLees
  • Conservation of a chine-collé colour etching by M. C. Crnčić (c. 1910)
    Iva Gobić Vitolović, Sanja Sarhatlić
  • Preservation of Lojze Dolinar’s sketches (ca. 1950–1970)
    Jasna Malešič, Damir Globočnik, Petra Zaviršek
  • Rescuing the Woman in white by Gabrijel Stupica
    Jedert Vodopivec Tomažič, Nataša Petelin, Nada Madžarac, Irena Kralj Cigić
  • Dilemmas in the conservation-restoration treatment of contemporary art pieces made of paper
    Liza Lampič
  • Photographic and technical examination: a valuable tool for the conservation treatment of works of art on paper and parchment
    Penelope Banou, Athena Alexopoulou, Agathi Anthoula Kaminari
  • Funori: natural adhesive for the resizing of paper materials
    Francesco Baudone
  • Magnets: some physics every conservator needs to know
    Gwen Spicer


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12 December 2019

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Golob, N., & Vodopivec Tomažič, J. (Eds.). (2019). Works of Art on Parchment and Paper: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Založba Univerze v Ljubljani.