The Japanese Language from an Empirical Perspective: Corpus-based studies and studies on discourse


Andrej Bekeš (ed)
Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta
Irena Srdanović (ed)
Univerza Jurja Dobrile, Pula

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International Conference of the European Association of Japanese Studies, Japanese language, empirical methodologies, diachronic Japanese language corpora

Kratka vsebina

This book presents empirical methodologies and insights into the field of spoken and written discourse, in syntax, lexis, in corpus-based research and its applications to Japanese language education, and an exploration of the differences across time and register in diachronic Japanese language corpora. As such, it is divided into four parts, which are presented below with a brief overview of each chapter.


  • Preface
    Andrej Bekeš, Irena Srdanović
  • Units for the analysis of Japanese written text and spoken discourse
    Mayumi Sakuma
  • Lexical cohesion and text-organizing function in the Japanese text: A Japanese text linguistics proposal
    Midori Takasaki
  • Tracking references to unfamiliar food in Japanese Taster Lunches: Negotiating agreement while adapting language to food
    Polly Szatrowski
  • The grammar and discourse functions of Japanese cleft sentences
    Yuriko Sunakawa
  • Modal expressions and verbal interaction type: Suppositional adverbs as discriminators of Japanese corpora according to oral and written discourse varieties
    Andrej Bekeš
  • Adjectives on –i in Japanese language corpora: Distribution, patterns and lexical constraints
    Irena Srdanović
  • Readability measurement of Japanese texts based on levelled corpora
    Jae-ho Lee, Yoichiro Hasebe
  • Analysis of correctness in adverb use in the Japanese composition support system Nutmeg
    Bor Hodošček, Kikuko Nishina, Yutaka Yagi, Takeshi Abekawa
  • Stylistic differences across time and register in Japanese texts: A quantitative analysis based on the NINJAL corpora
    Toshinobu Ogiso
  • On the possibility of a diachronic speech corpus of Japanese
    Takehiko Maruyama


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January 13, 2020