3d Digital Recording of Archaeological, Architectural and Artistic Heritage


Predrag Novaković (ed)
Milan Horňák (ed)
Ján Zachar (ed)

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preventive archaeology, development-led archaeology

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Preventive archaeology, in some countries also known as development-led archaeology, nowadays accounts for more than 90% of the archaeological work across Europe. In almost all European countries preventive archaeology is clearly the result of the implementation of the La Valletta Convention (1992) on the protection of archaeological heritage.


  • Content
  • Conpra Project Ppublications and the Practice of Preventive Archaeology
    Predrag Novaković
  • Introduction
    Milan Horňák
  • 3D Digital Recording: Basics
    Seta Štuhec
  • 3D Scanning
    Nenad Jončić, Ján Zachar
  • Digital Photogrammetry
    Seta Štuhec, Ján Zachar
  • 3D Recording in Archaeological Practice
    Ján Zachar, Milan Horňák
  • 3D Recording of Architecture
    Ján Zachar, Perica Špehar
  • 3D Recording of Castles
    Ján Zachar, Marko A. Janković
  • 3D Recording of Sculptures and Small Objects
    Ján Zachar, Nenad Jončić
  • Summary
    Milan Horňák
  • List of abbreviations
  • List of figures and tables
  • Bibliography
  • Subject Index


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July 26, 2018


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28. December 2017