The Ecosystem of Science Communication in the Post-Truth Era: Perspectives, Contexts, Dynamics


Marianne Achiam (ed)
Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen
Dejan Jontes (ed)
Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana
Anja Skapin (ed)
Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Ljubljana

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Science, Communication, Consultations

Kratka vsebina

The chapters in this volume provide rich evidence of the increasing variety and cultural diversity of science communication practices across the world (Bucchi & Trench, 2021). Collectively, the science communication initiatives described here exemplify a range of progressive approaches, including dialogue, active engagement, learning-by-doing, and co-construction of knowledge, that in various ways reflect re-inventions or re-imaginings of science communication. In addition, this collection of work points to the inevitable conclusion that dialogue is necessary not just between science and society but also between science communication practitioners and researchers from different ecologies – countries, cultures, institutions and practices. We thus see this volume as a contribution to longitudinal studies of science communication across contexts, disciplines, purposes, and formats. Only in this way can the ecosystem of science communication continue to grow more diverse and self-reflective.


  • Introduction
    A Fragmented and Fluctuating Landscape of Science Communication in the Post-Truth Era
    Marianne Achiam, Dejan Jontes, Anja Skapin
  • Post-Normal Science Communication?
    The Role of Science Centres and Museums in an Uncertain Future
    Marianne Achiam
  • Why and How to Tailor Science Communication to Science Sceptics
    Bojan Musil, Nejc Plohl
  • Science Communication in Transition Countries
    The Thin Line between Trust and Distrust in Science
    Tamara Dagen, Melita Kovačević
  • Between Techno-Science and Post-Truth
    The Need for the Creation of the Figure of the Science Critic in the Public Communication of Science
    César Carrillo-Trueba
  • Citizen Science
    A Reflection on New Ways to Communicate Science
    Noemi Crescentini
  • Assessing the Assessment of European Researchers’ Night
    Findings from a Nationwide European Researchers’ Night
    Afonso Pais, Renata Ramalho, Ana Sanchez
  • Communicating Quantum Technologies in an Era of Mistrust and Misinformation
    Federica Beduini, Maria Bondani, Maria Luisa Chiofalo, Simon Goorney, Laurentiu Nita, Lydia Sanmartí-Vila, Zeki Can Seskir, Jacob Sherson
  • Knowledge and Irony
    Binomial of the Post-Truth Era
    Fabiana Battisti, Marco Bruno
  • Visual Communication Design and its Role in the Easier Understanding and Effective Retention of Ideas, Information, and Concepts in the Field of Science
    Petra Černe Oven
  • Watering the Lava Flow
    The Use of Comics in Communicating Scientific Information about Water Conservation
    Cecilia Lartigue, Aquiles Negrete


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February 6, 2024

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