Exploring English by Means of Contrast


Andrej Stopar (ed)
Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta
Ivo Fabijanić (ed)
Univerza v Zadru, Hrvaška

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angleščina, južnoslovanski jeziki, kontrastivne študije

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The present monograph contains a collection of contrastive, cross-linguistic studies of South Slavic languages and English. The contributions reflect many developments in linguistic research. One of the aims of the volume is to continue the long tradition of contrastive studies by addressing the relation­ship between English and South Slavic languages, while also considering the plethora of theories, approaches and methodologies available to linguists in the present moment. This task has been enthusiastically pursued by the twelve authors of the eight chapters in this monograph that explore English in contrast to Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, North Macedonian, Serbian, and Slovene.


  • Contrasting English and South Slavic Languages
    An Introduction
    Andrej Stopar, Ivo Fabijanić
  • The Derivational Habitat of Experiencer in English and Bulgarian
    An Onomasiological Perspective
    Alexandra Bagasheva
  • What Do Event-Related Potentials Reveal about Processing Grammatical Aspect in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian?
    A Comparison with English Aspect
    Nermina Čordalija, Roelien Bastiaanse, Srđan Popov
  • New Vowel Category Acquisition in L2 Speakers of English
    The Case of High Front and High Back Vowels
    Biljana Čubrović
  • Translating Humour in The IT Crowd
    An Analysis in Favour of Introducing Humour Studies into Translation and Interpreting Curricula
    Selma Đuliman
  • The Role of Verbs and Adverbs in Structuring Fictive Motion in English and Slovene
    Frančiška Lipovšek
  • Negated Biased Questions in English and Their Equivalents in Macedonian
    Liljana Mitkovska, Eleni Bužarovska
  • Personal-Name Blends as Instances of Morphological Creativity in English and Their Equivalents in Serbian
    A Constructionist View
    Jelena Vujić, Tijana Šuković
  • Adjective + Noun Collocations in Tourism Discourse
    A Contrastive Corpus-Based Study of English and Serbian
    Dragana Vuković Vojnović


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March 8, 2024

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Stopar, A., & Fabijanić, I. (Eds.). (2024). Exploring English by Means of Contrast. Založba Univerze v Ljubljani. https://doi.org/10.4312/9789612972677